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Soulful Melodies that Move You

Our monthly Northern Soul nights offer a curated selection of Northern Soul tracks that have stood the test of time. From energetic stompers to heartfelt ballads, our regular and guest DJs spins tunes that will awaken your soul and ignite your passion for dance.

Dance like Nobody’s Watching

Northern Soul Dancing Image

The dance floor becomes a haven for self-expression as dancers of all levels come together to move to the rhythm. The Northern Soul dance style is a blend of spins, kicks, and intricate footwork that captures the essence of the music’s energy.


Our monthly Northern Soul Night isn’t just about the music; it’s about building connections with fellow enthusiasts who share your love for soulful beats. From seasoned dancers to newcomers, you’ll find yourself welcomed into a community that embraces diversity and a shared passion.

Dress the Part

Immerse yourself fully by embracing the fashion of the era. Think sharp suits, vintage dresses, and classic footwear. Dressing up is part of the experience, and it adds to the authenticity of the night.

Join Us for a Soulful Night to Remember

Whether you’re a dedicated Northern Soul aficionado or simply curious about exploring a new musical world, our monthly Northern Soul Night promises an unforgettable experience. Let the music guide you, the dance floor liberate you, and the camaraderie uplift you. It’s a night where memories are made, friendships are forged, and the spirit of Northern Soul lives on.

Join Us

The allure of Northern Soul is as potent today as it was when it first emerged. Our monthly Northern Soul Night invites you to be a part of a vibrant community that celebrates this genre’s timeless appeal. Get ready to dance, connect, and groove to the beat of the North. Join us as we continue to honor the soulful rhythms that have captured hearts and defined a generation.

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All events are £5 on the door